An Overview:

A key component of today's prudent organization is a Business Continuity Program (BCP). This is the program that addresses all aspects of the business practice to ensure its ongoing viability, in the face of potential disastrous threats. These threats or risks may be outside the organization's control (i.e., natural disasters). However, there are risks that are manageable from within an organization (i.e., manmade disasters). Consequently, the need for such a program is real, and it is a necessary cost of doing business.

The initiation of a BCP begins with a commitment from your executive team to evaluate and develop such a program. It is this ongoing executive sponsorship and direction that will ensure the continuing viability of your program. Barney F. Pelant & Associates, LLC will work with your organization in a team approach to help you obtain and maintain this commitment to ensure the viability of your program. Together we can successfully develop, carry out and support a program that meets your needs and is within your available resources.